West Elm Round Weave Laundry Hamper Baskets

Who Says Laundry Baskets Have to Look Utilitarian? Here Are Some of Our Elevated Favorites

You won't want to hide these pieces away in your laundry room.
By Emily Popp
September 06, 2021
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When you think "laundry basket," something plastic and cheap-looking likely comes to min, but just because laundry hampers hold your dirty socks doesn't mean they have to be an eyesore. Thanks to a myriad of lovely options on the market today, the can actually be very pretty and even help tie your laundry room together. Of course, quality is important, too: You need something sturdy enough to hold a large load of laundry and that preferably has handles for easy carrying.

Consider space constraints, too. Live in a smaller apartment or have a tiny laundry room? You'll need a basket that is collapsible for simple storage. And if you plan on leaving your laundry basket out in plain sight, consider a handwoven material that's elegant enough to display, and also discrete enough to hide dirty clothes. Finally, while round-shaped baskets are great if you want something versatile that can double as an organizer for toys or other household items, a rectangular shape is ideal for carrying folded laundry after it has cleaned. Ahead, the best laundry baskets that are stylish and functional.

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Brabantia Foldable Laundry Baske
Credit: Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Foldable Fabric

If you're tight on space, you'll want something collapsible, like this gray cotton laundry basket. It pops open and folds flat, making it perfect for dorm rooms or small apartments.

Shop Now: Brabantia Foldable Laundry Basket, $51, williams-sonoma.com.

The Laundress Triple Sorter Basket
Credit: Courtesy of The Laundress

Triple Sorter

This canvas laundry tote has a built-in divider, so you can easily sort your lights, darks, and delicates. It's great if you're always accidentally dyeing your favorite white T-shirt pink.

Shop Now: The Laundress Triple Sorter Basket, $32, thelaundress.com.

West Elm Round Weave Laundry Hamper Baskets
Credit: Courtesy of West Elm


If you prefer the look of natural materials, choose this West Elm iteration, handwoven from water hyacinth. The lid and liner is included, and it's so beautiful, it's hard to believe it's a laundry basket.

Shop Now: West Elm Round Weave Laundry Hamper Baskets, $85, westelm.com.

Yamazaki Home Tosca Laundry Basket
Credit: Courtesy of Macy's

Metal Wire

This white metal basket with a wooden handle is sleekly designed, and it's light and airy to keep clothes fresh. Plus, you can easily wipe down the metal material for convenient cleaning.

Shop Now: Yamazaki Home Tosca Laundry Basket, $50, macys.com.

Mind Reader 40-Liter Plastic Laundry Basket
Credit: Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

Extra Large

If you need something that can handle messes like muddy clothes or wet towels, you'll need a laundry basket made from waterproof material. This plastic piece holds 40 liters, and at under $20, it's the most affordable pick on our list.

Shop Now: Mind Reader 40-Liter Plastic Laundry Basket, $19, bedbathandbeyond.com.

Charleston Handwoven Seagrass Laundry Basket
Credit: Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Handwoven Seagrass

This elegant laundry basket made from handwoven seagrass is perfect if you would like something that is pretty and versatile enough to use in the laundry room, bedroom, or main living area.

Shop Now: Charleston Handwoven Seagrass Laundry Basket, $129, potterybarn.com.

Crate & Barrel Wicker Laundry Basket
Credit: Courtesy of Crate & Barrel


Searching for a timeless option? Consider this wicker basket from Crate & Barrel. It has a classic design, is easy to carry, and is roomy enough to hold a large load of laundry.

Shop Now: Crate & Barrel Wicker Laundry Basket, $40, crateandbarrel.com.

The Container Store Mint Eco-Plastic Laundry Basket
Credit: Courtesy of The Container

Mint Green

This mint green clothes hamper is a cheerful twist on the traditional plastic laundry basket. It's made from recyclable eco-plastic, and offers a pretty pop of color, thanks to its mint hue.

Shop Now: The Container Store Mint Eco-Plastic Laundry Basket, $22, containerstore.com.

Grove Co. Collapsible Cotton Laundry Bag
Credit: Courtesy of Grove Co.

Collapsible Cotton

Talk about versatile: This organic cotton laundry bag is tall enough to store mountains of laundry, and its soft material also makes it perfect for storing toys.

Shop Now: Grove Co. Collapsible Cotton Laundry Bag, $20, grove.co.

Yamazaki Medium Laundry Basket
Credit: Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Industrial Steel

If you need a basket that is extra durable and will work in even the most cramped of laundry rooms, go for this steel laundry basket from Yamazaki, which was designed specifically for smaller spaces.

Shop Now: Yamazaki Medium Laundry Basket, $53, potterybarnkids.com.